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If you are a clinician, it is important for you to know about Kinnser. What is it? It is a software which can be used by clinicians to help you and other staff in post-acute healthcare to be able to manage billing, electronic visit verification, scheduling, day to day operations, and also patient referral.

This software is software of home health, hospice and home care which is web-based. What do they offer of this software? They offer Agency Manager which is a software for home health agencies, Physician Access which is a software that will permits physicians to make referrals and sign orders in real time over the web and also Hospice Software which has features and include patient-centric intake and scheduling, electronic billing for Medicare and comprehensive clinical charting.

If you want to use this software, you have to login. If this is your first time in using this software, you may not know how to do Kinnser net sign in. Well, a software that can be used for public is designed simply so that everyone can use the software easily either in accessing the software or in signing to their account. So, Kinnser also has a simple design to make the users easy in logging in. If you visit the website of Kinnser, you are able to find the Login section in the upper right corner of the screen. Same as logging in to other sites, you will need to enter your username in the username field and your password in your password field.  After that click on Log in button. Remember, the site is and it is not www winnser com. Some people are mistaken in spelling the name of the site so, we emphasize the name of the site is Kinnser not winnser. To be able to login, you are also able to do that in accessing After entering your username and password, then click on Log in button. If you forget your password, you are able to click on “Forgot Password or Unlock Account” and then you will be directed to a page where you will have to reset your password by entering your username and email address. Click on Continue and then the team of Kinnser will ask you some personal information so that they will be able to verify your identity.

If you are still facing some problem when you do login Kinnser software, you are able to contact the administrator of your organization. Under the Login button, you can also see some contacts that you can contact for getting help.

  • If you need Home Health Support, you are able to contact them at
  • If you need Hospice Support, you are able to contact them at
  • If you need phone support, you are able to contact them at 877-399-6538.

You have to know that you are able to contact them on Monday to Friday at 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Central Time. Well, that’s all the information about Kinnser software login. Hopefully, this information can be helpful for you especially for you who are clinicians and try to use this software.

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    Kinnser Link
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    Kinnser Software Kansas City
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