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Kinnser is a software which can be used for health experts to make their tasks easier. A young software developer created this software in 2003 with an aim to improve home health care. He set up an office inside a home health agency and made software which was as easy to use as it was powerful. Now, this software is the most widely used software in home health.

Even though this software has grown, but it has never stopped innovating. Now, 20% of their annual revenue is reinvested into research and development. For years, they have introduced breakthrough solutions not only for home health but also for therapy, private duty and also hospice. In addition, they have developed powerful supporting products such as visit verification, business intelligence, direct secure messaging and many others which can help agencies do more. Their customers have the most important jobs imaginable, providing amazing care to those who need it most. With Kinnser, the only measure of their success as a company is the success of their customers. So, they have a mission to be the technology and platform partner which is able to help home health, therapy, private duty and hospice agencies become more efficient, profitable and sustainable businesses.

You are able to use Kinnser by downloading Kinnser Link in App Store or Google Play for free. Kinnser Link permits home health clinicians to complete clinical documentation when they are without web access or a cellular signal. With this app, you are able to access and complete clinical notes at the point of care, review patient information without worrying about connectivity, and view daily schedules. If web access is available, you are able to push saved documents online to Kinnser Agency Manager in a matter of seconds. This app is built exclusively for subscribers of their web-based home health software Kinnser Agency Manager. So, what can we do with Kinnser Link home health agencies?

  • First, we can improve accuracy by completing clinical notes at the point of care.
  • We are able to increase the speed of submission for clinical notes.
  • We are able to reduce overtime and errors by omitting redundant data entry.
  • Then, we are able to push securely to Kinnser Agency Manager and never lose documentation again.
  • Also, we are able to guarantee security and HIPAA compliance by using the encrypted Kinnser Link application.

There are some reasons why this app is great. First, this app is easy to use because they designed it with real people and real process in mind. They also actively gather feedback from a number of agencies to make sure that this software is intuitive and easy to use. Second, it is web-based and fully mobile. It is accessible for 24 hours during 7 days on all of your connected devices. Third, this software is comprehensive because they combine everything your home health agency needs into one convenient app, improving communication, streamlining tasks and facilitating collaboration. So, to make your business easy, using this software is a good choice.

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    Kinnser Software Kansas City
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