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Kinnser Hospice is the name of the software that was developed by hospices for hospices. This one was built in the collaboration with hospices and knowledgeable consultants who understand the challenges hospices face each day. The main goal of it is to develop hospice software that aligned with the real world processes, but also create the team members more efficient. The outcome is the comprehensive, integrated point of care and back office software solution that is intuitive, clear, and hassle free. There are some reasons hospices love the software. Here are some of them.

  1. Web based, fully mobile: Kinnser Hospice can be accessed 24/7 on all of your connected devices such as tablet and laptops. In this case, you will be able to always on top of what is happening in your business.
  2. Affordable: as there are no hosting fees, clunky servers to maintain, and costly upgrades that take days, you will be able to always on the most recent version of Kinnser Hospice every time you login.
  3. Comprehensive: Kinnser combines everything your hospice needs into one convenient app, streamlining tasks, improving communication, and facilitating collaboration.

When talking about Kinnser Hospice, there are several things that you might want to know. The first one is intake and scheduling. You can analyze, access, and continuously improve the performance of the business with the Hospice Software of Kinnser. By taking this one, you will be able to get referrals seamlessly and securely, see all visits by disciplines on one calendar, give flexibility back to the clinicians, and manage bereavement follow up tasks.

The second one is the delivery of care. Go prioritize exceptional patient care with the collaborative an dintuitive charting solutions and workflows of Kinnser Hospice. This one can do somethings such as:

  1. Coordinate care across the agency
  2. Simplify the daily schedules and tasks for clinicians
  3. Focus on care by relying on classics documentation
  4. No Internet during the visit equals no problem
  5. Optimize IDG or IDT collaboration

The third one is Kinnser Smart QAPI. You can use the data of hospice in real time to track the custom metrics that matter to the agency. The feature of Kinnser Hospice’s Smart QAPI can be a help to make data driven quality the competitive advantage of the hospice.

The fourth one is filling claims. Make the process of the claims for Managed Care and Medicare cases faster to shorten and improve the revenue cycle. In order to do it, first, you have to address the issues preventing claim submission. Second, efficiently manage remittance payments to claims. Third, process payments for different payers.

The last one that you have to know is financial reporting. With this one, you will be to gain clarity into revenue cycle stages, automate accrual accounting, and roll up financial reporting for every agency.

Please visit the official website of Kinnser for further information about Kinnser Hospice. If you have any questions, you can dial the number 9877 399 6538 anytime.

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