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Kinnser App is the type of the app that allows the home clinicians to complete clinical documentation when they are without web access or the cellular signal. This this kind of app, access and complete signal notes at the point of care, view daily schedules, and review patient information all without having to worry about connection. Once the web access became available, you are able to push saved documents online to Kinnser Agency Manager in the matter of seconds. Kinnser App is created exclusively for every subscriber of the web based home health software named Kinnser.

By using Kinnser App, the home health agencies are able to:

  1. Improve the accuracy by completing the clinical notes at the point of care
  2. Reduce overtime and errors by eliminating redundant data entry
  3. Increase the speed of submission for clinical notes
  4. Push securely to Kinnser Agency Manager and never lose documentation again
  5. Make sure the security and HIPAA compliance using the encrypted Kinnser App.

For those the customers of Kinnser who want to get those advantages mentioned above, it is time for you to get the app on your device. Fortunately, this one works for both Android and iOS. Then, how to install the app on your device? The first thing that you have to do is to do is to go to Google Play Store for Android users and to App Store for iOS users. When you are in the homepage, just simply type “Kinnser” and hit the Enter button.

By hitting that button, you might see some apps popped up. Please click the one that was made by Kinnser Software, Inc. You will see the Kinnser app and the details about it. Before downloading the app, you are recommended to read and understand everything about the app. It is to prevent you from downloading the wrong app and to understand it well. in the Google Play Store, Kinnser App gets 2.2 starts. There are 9 reviews of it. As displayed on the page, the last update of this app was on July 26, 2018. The current version of it is 3.6.0. the size of it is 8.3M. This app is required 4.2 and up. Since the first time its release, this one has been installed 5000+. In the page of App Store, the information about it is quite different. It is stated that the size of the app is 75.7 MB. This one is counted in medical category. If you want to download and install this app, your device must be iOS 8.1 or later. In addition, you also must be at least 17 years old to download this app. This one is also compatible with iPad. There is Germany available to be used other than English. When you have read all the details and agree with everything, then it is time for you to click the Install button. Once it is installed or downloaded, you will be able to use this Kinnser App on your device.

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