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As we know that Kinnser Adlware is always provide the best support in the industry. You have to know that Kinnser Adlware has lots of great support teams who are going to treat your company as if the life of your agency rests on their shoulders. Of course, Kinnser Adlware is going to care about your success.

So, we are able to say that Kinnser Adlware is easy and pleasant to work with you.  By the way, are you a new at Kinnser ADL? If the answer is yes, so we are sure that you need information about Kinnser ADL Training. Yeah, as we know that Kinnser Adlware always gives training for all their new customers. Once you have already sign up Adlware, then the Kinnser Adlware support teams are going to do unlimited training to make you familiar with the system of Kinnser Adlware. Afterwards, the teams are going also to give you the unlimited tech support. Even, they are going also to offer you an online site that has lots of training videos and training material. You are able to view the training videos and training material anywhere and whenever you want so you have many times to understand it.

Talk about Kinnser ADL Training, in this article we are going also to discuss about how to access Training Webinars for Kinnser ADL? Of course, it is very easy way for you to access this Training Webinars, in this case, you just need to sign in with your ‘ADL Online Help’ account at Then, you have to click the Live Training section. If you are a new customer of Kinnser ADL and want to access Training Webinars, so you are able to follow some easy steps above. By the way, how to access Training Webinars for Agency Manager, Hospice and Therapy Manager? There are some steps in accessing Training Webinars for Agency Manager, Hospice and Therapy Manager. If you want to know its way steps by step, so you are able to follow these steps below.

  1. To access Training Webinars, you have to log into your Kinnser application at
  2. Then, you have to click ‘Help’ from the red Kinnser toolbar exactly at the top of the page.
  3. There are some options such as discussion forum, online help, recent updates, join go to meeting. Well, in this step, you have to select ‘Online Help’ from the dropdown menu. It is going to bring you to Kinnser’s Online Help resource.
  4. After that, you are able to click the Live Training section.

This is some explanation about Kinnser ADL Training. If you need further information regarding this, we suggest you to visit the official website of Kinnser Adlware. There are many explanations about that. In other case, if you have problem once you are going to access Training Webinars or you have some questions related Kinnser Adlware, so you are able to contact to Kinnser Adlware support team by calling at (877) 399 – 6538.

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