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Are you a customer of Kinnser ADL? What your opinion about Kinnser ADL? As we know that Kinnser ADL is founded in 2003. It is a site based home care software that enables people to make the businesses large and small to offer more efficiency across the entire agency. Until now, there are many customers of Kinnser ADL and they are very satisfied with the service of Kinnser ADL. Talk about Kinnser ADL, at the moment, in this article we are going to discuss about reviews of Kinnser ADL. Actually, there are pros and cons about it. If you are looking for the information about Kinnser ADL reviews, so let us read this article until finish.

Here are Kinnser ADL reviews from customers.

1. User in Hospital & Health Care
There is one of Kinnser ADL reviews which say that Kinnser ADL makes logging and tracking paperwork more efficient. Currently, there is nothing dislike about the software of Kinnser ADL.

2. User in home care
She gives a review about Kinnser ADL that it easy to navigate and Help function is very satisfied. So far, she does not have any problems with Kinnser ADL but she said that it is better to use Kinnser ADL software on laptop than ipad.

3. RIchelle from Apollo

  • Ability to duplicate the information from previous notes.
  • Ability to make the templates for future use.
  • Ability to change schedule when it has been scheduled by administrator.

Password has to be updated at least once per month, it auto updates. This Kinnser ADL software does not auto save. It is able to lose information easily if note is closed out without saving. It is dependent on administrator to start or schedule appointments.

4. Kim from Moore Home Health Care, Inc
Pros: This Kinnser ADL software is ideal for Medicare Home Care Agencies because it will meet the needs of the administrative staff.
Cons: The one issue that we ever found was the software does not work well.

Why do you have to choose Kinnser ADL? Here are some reasons:

  1. It diagnoses the product and connectivity issues well.
  2. There is a billing configuration and administrative setup for the new customers.
  3. It always updates the agency, task, and other system settings of Kinnser ADL.
  4. It is able to explain the clinical documentation, billing, and other workflow processes.
  5. It always provides the information regarding fiscal intermediary or other third-party problems.
  6. There is training about product features for their staff or customers.

In addition, we are going to share Kinnser ADL product features. Let us see those features in the text below.

1. Billing & Invoicing
2. Care Plan Management
3. Caregiver Management
4. Client Management
5. Field Communication
6. Payroll Management
7. Scheduling
8. Visit Verification

Besides those features above, Kinnser ADL has Kinnser support team that you are able to contact by calling at (877) 399 – 6538. The Kinnser Adlware support is available on Monday to Friday at 7AM to 7PM CT.

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